Wire and sieve guides

HUEBER sieve and felt guides are designed for use in paper, carton and cardboard machines. They work pneumatically, are robust and are manufactured in various sizes and executions. The selection of suitable types and sizes is in accordance with the respective application.

HUEBER sieve and felt guides

Guide series GZ
with cast cylinder
for dry sections

Guide series EZ
with stainless steel cylinder
for sieve and wet sections

The following parameters determine the guide selection:

1. Felt or sieve width
2. Roller weight and installed position
3. Machine speed
4. Ambient temperature and humidity at the installed location

Guide series


with cast cylinder type 95T, 120T, 160T


with stainless steel cylinder type 95N, 120N, 160N

The GZ series is designed specifically for installation in dry sections with ambient temperatures of up to 200°C, while the rust-free stainless steel EZ series can be deployed in sieve and wet sections up to 100°C.

Prerequisite for flawless guidance with low air consumption is a straight-line felt or sieve edging which is sensed by the control valve sensor paddle.

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