We have specialised in the manufacture of refiner segments, refiner discs and other precision castings necessary for the areas of refining, shredding, mixing, disperging etc. in the paper, MDF, feedstuff and wood processing industries.

Our in-house pattern making facility enables us to manufacture customer orientated new moulds in virtually all possible manner of design variations. Moreover, our smelting operation and our foundry laboratory, which accord with the latest high-tech standard, further guarantee flawless material qualities. All charges are documented in-house and archived. The parts are machined by us and made available to the customer ready for installation.


Short notice and no red tape

We have well over 1000 mould-ready patterns currently available in our company. We are constantly manufacturing additional new patterns to customer requirements, i.e. we are able to take on the needs of our customers without the beaurocracy and at short notice.


Highest quality is our top priority

The following images provide just a few examples of refiner discs, refiner plates and refiner fillings.

As we cannot, of course, present all of our patterns, please send us your individual requirements!

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There are of course numerous models and executions, not all of which we can present on this website.

So don’t hesitate to let us have your individual enquiries – we will process these promptly and prepare the appropriate quotations.

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