HUEBER high grade steel foundry
Standard designs and individual solutions

We cast using the Croning process as well as the hand moulding process.

Our main products are refiner plates (refiner segments and refiner discs) which are delivered partially heat-treated, ground, milled, balanced and therefore installation-ready. Besides these we produce conical refiner fillings, impellers and pump housings. This affords our own model making facility a high level of flexibility and short lead times.

Each individual charge is tested in our ultra-modern foundry laboratory prior to pouring and corrected if necessary. All charges are documented and archived.

Our high quality products:

Refiner discs for single and double disc refiners

New models constantly to customer requirements

Deflaker fillings

Toothed wheel sets and disc fillings

Conical refiner fillings

A variety of sizes and executions for different refiner types

Spiral pump housings and impellers

Wear and corrosion resistant, in various sizes and executions, cast using the hand moulding process

Disperger fillings

Rings and segments

Shell mould casting:
Segments, refiner discs and other precision castings

Croning process

We have specialised in the manufacture of refiner segments and other precision castings necessary for the areas of refining, shredding, mixing, disperging etc.

These precision castings manufactured in the Croning process are used, amongst other things, in refiners which work in the paper, MDF, feedstuff and wood processing industries.

Our in-house pattern making facility enables us to manufacture new moulds at short notice, without the beaurocracy, and customer orientated new moulds in virtually all possible manner of design variations. Moreover, our smelting operation and our foundry laboratory, which accord with the latest high-tech standard, further guarantee flawless material qualities. All charges are documented and archived. The parts are machined by us and made available to the customer ready for installation.

Hand moulded castings

In our hand moulded casting area we produce mainly small to medium runs or even one-offs. Here, too, we are able to cater for very specific customer requirements and implement these.

The product range here is virtually inexhaustible. We are also able to manufacture unorthodox individual pieces. Deployment of these castings can be found, amongst other places, in the following industry sectors: paper industry, MDF industry, chemical industry, wastewater treatment / environmental engineering plant such as waste incineration etc.

Apart from wear resistant standard alloys, we also offer high-alloy steel casting grades, heat resistant, rust and acid resistant grades as well as grey cast iron.

Our high grade steel foundry

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