The HUEBER deflakers – matured and proven with superior technology

HUEBER deflakers can be equipped with both disc fillings and toothed wheel sets. All HUEBER deflakers have stainless steel housings and swing covers as standard, a split inlet elbow facilitates opening and replacement of fillings.

HUEBER deflakers are equipped with gap adjustment. This facility offers the possibility of effect optimisation with the use of disc fillers as the distance between the rotor and stator disc crucially determines the deflaking effect.


A good deflaking reduces the refining work

HUEBER deflakers are built in 3 sizes for throughput capacities of 16,000 l/hr to 160,000 l/hr. At a consistency of 3% this is equates to 12 to 120 tons per day. Throughput volume and power requirement are dependant on type of material, consistency, temperature and degree of dissolution.

HUEBER deflakers are available in 3 standard and various special sizes.
We can, of course, cater for individual customer requirements.

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