not only high-grade, but high-grade steel
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By founding the company HUEBER in 1967, the idea of developing the low-energy HUEBER vertical agitator was realised and in 1969 the first test agitator was started up.

By this time several other developments were achieved, such as the HUEBER mixing agitator, the suction roller HUEBER system and other well proven products all about the paper machine.

Parallel to this, we decided to produce several wearing parts, like deflaker and refiner fillings.

Additionally the HUEBER deflaker, the HUEBER guide, the HUEBER couch squirt, the HUEBER felt tension control and other equipment were added to our delivery range and have proven well ever since.

The familiarity grew continuously at home and abroad.

HUEBER being an innovative company and setting its target to meet high customer demands and to guarantee short delivery periods, we decided to build up our own high-grade steel foundry for producing refiner plates for almost all refiner types available in the paper and fibreboard industry.

Then in 1987 it was done: the HUEBER high-grade steel foundry could be taken into operation. At the same time the mechanical works had to be established in the short-term due to the new competition to our constructions.

In 2005 the idea of extending our foundry was seized and we invested into our manual casting section for reasons of increasing prices on the steel market and supply blockades of cast suppliers.

At the beginning of 2006 the new manual casting section and the top modern sand recovery system were started up.

Always orientated to customers' demands and requests our family-run company has the motto: „Live and let live“ – as well as a reciprocal respectful relation with our customers and suppliers.

Rudolf Hueber – Firmengründer
geboren: 25.09.1933
verstorben: 30.11.2004